The beginning months of 2010 marked a rather inauspicious, if somewhat dramatic, episode for the GoonSwarm alliance. In a gesture of utmost betrayal, Karttoon, the then-CEO of GoonFleet, went rogue (what's known in the swarm vernacular as "going fuck goons"). Basically, he defrauded the alliance of its liquid and material resources and self-destructed countless ships, leaving stunned confusion in his wake. This move effectively decimated and disbanded the group, this after what most players would acknowledge was a highly effective (if unorthodox) series of campaigns. From a high point of dessimating rival alliance Band of Brothers, becoming the dominant faction in EVE, and earning the begrudging respect of most players, the group essentially imploded thanks to Karttoon's actions. Needless to say, the impact of such an event has had a major effect on the group, a chaotic response ranging from confusion, anger, and demoralization to astonishment, bemusement, and even some ROTFLMFAO.

But all is not necessarily lost in the aftermath of this treacherous act. A sign of the tenacity of group cohesion, plans are underway to regroup, but there will certainly be challenges to face. For one, the corporation has been renamed to Goon Waffe (a not-so-subtle nod to Nazi Germany's elite air force, the Luftwaffe), potentially striking a blow to GoonSwarm's brand identity and bringing with it possible internal (i.e., members will be disheartened) and external (i.e., enemies won't know to fear their wrath) repercussions.


Image procured from status update on diplomatic efforts following the unexpected sabotage disbanding of GoonFleet. The Latin translates into "You are stupid."

Also, typical goon griefer tactics will have to be sidelined for the foreseeable future, as the group no longer has the disposable capital or spacecraft to perform their kamikaze-style assaults. Without going into specifics (you never know who's listening in, after all), diplomatic legwork is already underway to identify friendly alliances and forge relations anew. Morale is stable, and such efforts will likely ensure that the Goons can get back to wreaking havoc in EVE Online in short order, but for now, things look uncertain for the future of the alliance. Oh, lookey...

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